Hi there, my name is Sy

I am a C++ enthusiast, currently writing toolchains and standards for heterogeneous systems. I also have an unhealthy love of template metaprogramming and the dark corners of C++.

I am from Edinburgh, Scotland, which is known for its castle, history, and unpredictable weather. I studied Computer Science at the University of St Andrews, graduating with a 1st class BSc (Hons) in 2013.

You can find me at Twitter and GitHub.

This is mostly a placeholder page until I throw together something more useful, but it'll do for now!

Below you can find links to some projects I've been involved in.

Blog - My blog where I write about C++ and other technologies which interest me

ETKF - Embarassingly Templated Keyboard Framework

A framework for writing mechanical keyboard firmware. Makes heavy use of C++17 and template metaprogramming

Elmscrew - A visualiser and debugger for Brainfuck, written in Elm

Secret Hitler Strategy Guide - A collaborative guide to the popular board game

Minidbg - Simple Linux debugger

I wrote this as a tool for teaching how debuggers work, since there are very few good resources on debuggers around